This document is a summary of the work on space and field robotic systems performed during the last five years at the MIT Field and Space Robotics Laboratory, directed by Professor Dubowsky. This work consisted of studying the physics of robotic systems used in space applications and proposing design, control and path planning methods and algorithms to improve the performance of these systems [1, 2]. 

note: Please refer to the number in the [ ] for the publications.


Categorized Research Projects

1.    Design, Control, and Path Planning

2.    Software and Hardware Products

A number of software and hardware paradigms were developed to support and test the theoretical results of our research and its potential applications.

3.    Design of High Performance Machines

The goals of this work are to gain a better understanding of the behavior of realistic, high-speed, spatial machine systems with flexible links, support structures and enclosures, and clearance connections, and to develop modeling methods that can be used by designers.

4.    Application Projects

5.    System Dynamics and Controls Laboratory

The System Dynamics and Controls Laboratory is the only MIT Mechanical Engineering course laboratory that is used for instruction of system dynamics, modeling, and controls on the undergraduate level. This project included a modernization of the laboratory equipment as well as an extensive review of the intellectual challenges and educational goals of the laboratory.

6.    High Performance Manipulator Control

6.1    The Design and Control of High Performance Robotic Systems for the Nuclear Industry

6.2    Error Analysis and Control for the Patient Positioning System


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