Mobile Autonomous Robotic Systems for Unstructured Environments--With Application to the USS Constitution


Dubowsky, S., Argaez, D., Moore, C., Sunada, C., Rutman, N., Cole, J., Farritor, S. and Bidaud, P. [61], [62]


National Science Foundation


This program focuses on issues in the design, control and planning for field robotic systems. The study is being done within the context of the development of field robotic systems to assist in the conservation and preservation of artistic, historical architectural and archaeological treasures and monuments, with The USS Constitution as a demonstration testbed. Old Ironsides is the oldest fully commissioned warship in the world, and a proud symbol of America's naval history. During the past two years we have been studying the application of our design, control and path-planning methods for field robotic systems to assist in the restoration, conservation and preservation of the USS Constitution. It appears that robotics could make an important contribution to this worthy task. Also, the USS Constitution has been identified as an ideal field robotics environment being unstructured, partially known, hazardous and remote.

The objective of this research is to develop paradigms for design, control and planning to permit field robotic systems to developed quickly and cost effectively. The approach being taken focuses on multi-limbed mobile robotic systems constructed with modular components.


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