Information on Research Opportunities in The Field Space Robotics Laboratory.

Students Who Are Applying to MIT Graduate Degree Studies (MS and PhD)

Students who are seeking admission to MIT as regular degree graduate students please note that graduate students are not admitted to MIT by individual faculty members or laboratories.   Prospective students need to apply for admission through MIT, see:

The faculty then will consider students for their research programs from the list of students who have already have been admitted to MIT.   If you have been admitted to graduate study at MIT please look at the projects on our website ( and if you find our current research interesting, then please contact us (

Visiting Graduate Students 

We have had a number of visiting graduate students over the years that have been important contributors to our research.  However, the places for such students are quite limited.   Based on this experience we have established the following guidelines to prospective visiting graduate students.

  1. We only consider students who are applying for a period of one year or more.
  2. We can also only consider students who are funded by some sponsoring organization.   Self-funded students cannot be considered.  Since the cost of living in the Cambridge/Boston area, students will need funding to support themselves that is approximately the same as our students Ė currently $2,200 per month.
  3. We do not ask for tuition from visiting students and our laboratory will pay the MIT visiting student fees, however visiting students cannot take any classes for credit toward any degrees. 
  4. We expect that students will be funded by their home university and/or country. Individuals with funding or who will be applying to funding from their home university or country should be aware of the following the number of such visiting positions are quite limited because of laboratory space constraints and constraints of faculty supervision time. Please look at current research projects at  Applications from individuals with interest and experience in these areas of research are of most interest to us.
  5. When applying please provide us with the dates that you would like to come to MIT, a statement of your research experience and area that you wish to work in and a copy of the grade report of the classes you have taken (in English) and the grades you have earned in these classes. 
  6. Finally an email or a letter from your faculty advisor at your institution supporting your application is required (FSRL@MIT.EDU).

 Visiting Undergraduate Students

We generally do not considered visiting undergraduate students, particularly those from outside the United States.  The undergraduates who do participate in our research are current MIT students under the MIT Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

Postdoctoral Researchers

1.            For individuals who have or expecting their PhD shortly. Please consults our laboratory web page for specific open postdoctoral open for which we currently have funding:

2.            For individual with funding or who will be applying to funding from their home university or country look at current research projects described on our web site.  Applications from individuals with interest and experience in these areas of research are of most interest to us. 

3.            If you are applying from outside of the United States, please note the administrative procedures of the obtaining a Visa from The United States Immigration is handled by both the individual and MIT.  It can take a number of months to arrange.

4.            The regulations by MIT and the United State government minimum level of support that the funds that have a present limit.   For 2009 this value is $37,000.   It is expected that is this value will increase in 2010.  Also this amount cannot be personal funds, but must come from the post docís sponsoring organization. 


Company Funded Visiting Engineers and Researchers. 

Individuals working with companies who would like to come as sponsored visiting engineers.  Please contact us for additional information, such as industrial Visitor Free Schedule.